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My final diary

My final diary

I am writing this almost a week later after the main event. Yes the full Marathon!

I have to say it was a great day! I woke up early and made sure I had my camera, water, some snacks and my knee brace on. I am lucky as I live just off Parizska where the race began. So at 08:45 on Sunday morning I was outside the Intercontinental Hotel waiting for the race to begin. And they were off....... it is amazing seeing how fast the runners were. Such athletes! Anyway I managed to see some of the girls:

  • Pavlina
  • Ilona
  • Petra
  • Petronela
  • Lamya

I didn’t see the others but was sure I would see them along the way. I have to say I felt quite emotional when I saw them all out there because it was such a great atmosphere and the weather was great. After I saw them set off I waited for the mini marathon to start as both my sons were running and my husband so managed to see them, take a photo and wave. From there I moved on to the 11th km outside the President Hotel where I cheered the runners on – trying to call out the names of people as written on their t-shirts. Runners usually love that! This time I saw Pavlina, Ilona, Petra, Jana, Stana, Petronela, Lamya and Alena. Alena, Jana, Eva and Hana were running the relay so out of us all I was the only one not running L

Anyway once I had seen all the girls I moved across the bridge and waited at the 33rd km. It was getting hot and it was around 12:00 so people had been running 3 hours, the elite had finished and I knew that this was the last stretch, which can be the longest not in kms but physically and mentally! This time again I saw the first 3 and then moved myself across to the 40th / 41st km. Here there were no crowds and I think it’s here people need the support so I was on top form and cheered the people on!!! I had a sore throat but it was worth it especially seeing people smile when I called out their names and kept promising them there was a nice ice cold beer waiting for them!

The girls all did great and I am happy to say I saw all of them except for Eva as she was running the third leg of the relay (but I saw her later): They all managed under 5 hours, which is such an amazing result. IT made me feel emotional being part of it and knowing that feeling when you’ve competed such a race!

I did go the ‘parents evening’ or tridni schuzka at the pub in Opletalova where all the runners part of Miloš‘s running school come to chat. It was great chatting to everyone and the girls and I cannot wait to join them again. They are planning to run the next race I think in a month so I will need to put the dates in my diary so I can at least come and cheer them on.

Throughout this whole marathon experience or Women’s Challenge I have to say that what I have seen is great friendship and the support for each other. I truly believe this group of women will stay in touch and that they will meet up at races across the country. They have found like minded people and are now able to share their lives with each other. Thanks to the Women’s Challenge it has allowed 12 women to forge new friendships and build a strong group of people!

I would encourage all women to try for next year because it is really a fantastic experience. Thank you to PIM and Miloš and all the girls: Alena, Petronela, Lamya, Petra, Pavlina, Ilona, Hana, Eva, Jana, Stana and Katka and of course Jarka.

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1bubobubo | 19. 5. 2011 15.27 hod. | 194.50.64.xxx
Eva, when we meet in EXPO I saw on your face you would like to run the race so much. Anyway you WERE part of this great day!
And thanks for cheering.

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