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“You have to win

“You have to win

We have been hearing it from an early age: “You have to win. You have to be the best. You have to try harder in order to win. In order to get better grades." As the time progresses so do the demands. “You have to try harder in order to earn more. In order to afford a better house, a better car... So that we could afford a better holiday...“. No wonder this kills our souls. Moreover this kills your child's soul before it can spread its wings, start to fly and learn why it has come to this world. No wonder we have been puzzled since an early age about what to do with life. And this stays with us until the day we tell ourselves: “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I DO NOT WANT THIS. THIS IS NOT WHAT I WAS BORN FOR!“

But what to do now? When so far we have lived the way others wanted us to?

Could this be the reason why children have become increasingly"angrier“, the reason people have become more angry with one another? The reason people have not been valuing themselves? The reason they cannot accept themselves? Is this not the reason behind the illnesses such as cancer, obesity, mental health traumas? This question is aimed at first person singular (I) as it is to the second person singular and plural (you) as we only radiate what is inside us. The things we cannot deal with, the things we cannot forgive ourselves for. That is why we are sour, we kick around, in worst cases we shoot and beat others up. Never the right people, though!

Has it not come the time to stop on the road to hell of our being and start running? To fly back up, find ourselves, our nature, the child within us? The God within us?

Life within life, not afterlife

It has been one of life biggest paradoxes – many people care about what shall be when they are no longer around. What happens when they leave this world, when...When you think about it though: “WHAT A LOAD OF...!" It is the same load of bullshit as when you compare yourself in order to be better off than you ancestors, than your parents, neighbours, friends, people in other countries! I know you need some kind of goal in order to live – and the point is in this short word: LIVE...If the point of our living is to be better off than others, it means that we do not have our own dreams but only take them on from others.

Unfortunately this only takes us back to the beginning – to know why I am here. What should I do in order to fulfill my life's purpose? People who LIVE seem to do everything easily, as if they had been plain sailing through life. But this is no appearance, this is reality. The recipe is so simple that we refuse to accept it. “IT is not possible for IT to be this easy. If IT had been this easy everyone would be doing IT“. You probably know these thoughts very well. At the same time it really is this easy – you only mustn't think but act. No more, no less, just act. Once you start to act without thinking – will it work, won't it – you will find that IT WORKS. IT REALLY WORKS. WHY HAVE I NOT TRIED IT EARLIER, SILLY ME?

When you look at a person who lives effortlessly, as we say, you can see clear eyes, dreamy look, content, slightly mischievous smile, light step – as if s/he had been floating. When s/he passes you by it feels like a slight breeze had just stroked you on the cheek, when s/he holds your hand, when s/he hugs you, this hand, this hug is firm but does not crush, the look is understanding, never judging. All this because this wo/man acts without prejudice, simply because s/he knows it is necessary to act and so they do.

When s/he passes you by, when s/he holds your hand, you feel that you have IT, yes, you have IT, the LIFE has just sailed near you...and thus go back to the time when you were children, remember what you really wanted to do when you were little and start realizing these dreams – start running along your own path...face the sun, water, wind, hug the whole world and the whole world will be yours, because the whole world is in you. YOU are the world!

Translated by Irena Ellis

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