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Eva Shaw – diary 2

Eva Shaw – diary 2

Week 3 (21-27/2) – Monday Run:

Tired again today but luckily had a day off and so skied and enjoyed the beautiful sunny and cold day with my family!

Tuesday Run:

Arrived back from Spindl at 14:00 and went for run along the river. It was really cold but beautiful again. Ran my usual route along the river at Mala Strana and then over the bridge to Vysehrad and then back again!

Wednesday Run:

Am really busy with work and so knew I had to run this morning. It’s the time more than anything. 50 minutes isn’t long but when you have a full day of work, children, household etc it can be quite stressful. However once again my river run made me feel positive and raring to go! It was very cold today though and I really started to feel it towards the end. I am just thankful that the weather has been dry and no snow and ice as I much prefer running outside! Need to sort out a playlist though!



Friday Run:

Wasn’t sure when I was going to manage my run today because if I don’t get it done first thing in the morning it’s difficult to get away during the day and the afternoon is always tricky with the children. However after a couple of meetings I actually went and ran in the Intercontinental Hotel. Felt a bit strange running and watching Comedy Channel but I laughed out loud watching Scrubs and Two and a Half Men not really what I watch but kept me going and I actually ran 8.4 km in 50 minutes, which I was very pleased with. My body actually felt really good with the speed and I felt comfortable!

Tomorrow will be interesting as I have 15 mins (65%), 90 mins (75-85%) and then 10 mins (65%). I hope it’s lovely and sunny as I’m going to run outside but hope it’s not too cold! Wish me luck!!

Saturday Run:

I had my long run today and luckily for me I had arranged to run with a friend of mine who is new to Prague but not new to running. I also think she is going to run the Half Marathon!!! I will work on her 

Today my plan was to run in total 115 minutes. The weather was beautiful – cold again but blue skies and sunny. My plan was to run to my friend Tasha’s who lives about 10 minutes away in the centre and then to run along the river past the swimming pool at Podoli. It was lovely. There were so many people out walking, cycling and running and there is nothing better if you can run with someone else. We chatted most of the way, which makes the time fly by and is so much more enjoyable than running n a treadmill! As we ran through Vysehrad tunnel you could see all the people ice skating on the frozen river and practising their ice hockey moves – you would never find this in England

  1. Ice hockey not really played
  2. Never gets cold enough to be able to skate on rivers.......

We ran all the way down past Zlute Lazne and down onto the rod next to the river and then turned around and my friend Tasha jumped on a tram at Dvorce. I then continued after plugging into the ipod! I continued back along the river until I got to Palackeho and ran across the bridge to take me to Mala Strana and ran my usual route all along the river to Chechuv Most and back over again. A few stops along the way but managed 15k which is good but took too long. I need to increase my speed definitely if I want to do it in 2 hours!! I really enjoyed the run I just need to improve my speed, which is where I never really know how to do that! Anyway a nice run and always better when running with a good friend!

Sunday Run:

50 minutes today, which I was really looking forward to as I needed to clear my head a little. Tim and the boys went swimming and so I took advantage again of the blue skies and sunny weather. This is just perfect running weather! A little warmer and if it’s like this for the for the half marathon then it would be great! I ran along the river again today but basically a straight there and back so I got as far as the swimming pool and turned around there! It was approx 9 km which was great and I have to say I felt great running and my speed was much better! Great feeling and came home with a smile on my face :).

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Eva | 18. 3. 2011 15.51 hod. | 94.193.101.xx
I generally come back with smileys – I think in my training up to this half marathoin I have had two runs that have not been smiley runs

Irena E. | 11. 3. 2011 7.26 hod. | 81.201.60.xxx
Wish you smiley returns from every single run. Your sister in run :-), Irena

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