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Eva Shaw – diary 3

Eva Shaw – diary 3

Week 3 (21-27/2)- Tuesday Run:

Today it was interval training.........my favourite not! Anyway luckily I had a Spa Day arranged with my two lovely friends Bex and Jan. Bex is also running the half marathon! As we had arranged to have a massage at the Augustine hotel we decided we would meet beforehand and spend the time working on our intervals on the two treadmills they had in their gym. We ran together and it was so much easier with someone else. Interval training is hard at the best of times however it seemed to go quickly as we were both running! We also had the incentive of the massage we had booked afterwards! We ran 7.9 km in total.


It was cold today but the run was fine. 50 minutes and I ran about 7km and I actually felt quite good. You definitely see the benefit of interval training. It was Tim’s birthday today so I was pleased I had a day off from running on Thursday so I could enjoy some wine J


Very happy I had a day off today!!!


Today it was our Pim’s Women’s meeting again in Prague 9 – Letnany. I managed to get there for 11:15 and we all met up at around 11:45. It was great to see everyone again and catch up. We were given all our Adidas kit, which was great. Bright colours and really stylish running gear. Shoes were nice but will need to wear them in and of course a mi-coach! Great running tool! We spent the first hour talking about experiences and catching up and then Milos held a 50 minute HEAT class. I would highly recommend it. I had not done it before and once I understood what I had to do it was really enjoyable. Better than a treadmill, more walking but you could regulate speed and the gradient. Would go again! Left around 16:30 after having arranged to run the 10k the next day at Kbely. Why???


What a fantastic day! Today I woke up at 07:00 to make sure I was out by 07:30 to meet up with Lamya one of the twelve of the Women’s Challenge. We set off on our way to Kbely where there was 10k race and where we would be meeting 8 other ladies from the team! I have to say that I hadn’t felt this nervous for such a long time – it had the feel of a school cross country race. The smell of deep heat, all the young supple athletes warming up and the buzz of people getting ready around you! The race started at 10:00 and it was great. The weather conditions were perfect; chilly but sunny and the route was nice and flat and on country roads. The 10 of us ran brilliantly. Ilona, Eva and Pavlina all came in under 50 minutes, which was amazing – they even overtook Milos who was the pacemaker for 50 minutes J. I finished it in 56.06 and I was over the moon! I was grinning from ear to ear as were all the others. Petronela followed 30 seconds later and the rest followed within minutes. There was a real team spirit and I hope we continue to meet at races now and then through the year (not sure if I can do  this every week J) Another ‘feel great’ run!


Interesting run today – why? – well firstly had a late night on Saturday, as we went out for dinner with friends and had a great evening but very tired in the morning!! Secondly ran in new shoes, which was a little painful as I ended up with blisters on both of my feet on the soles, which hurts! However the shoes do need breaking in and so better to have them now then on ‘Race Day’. Good time now as I have 4 weeks before ‘Race Day’ so by then my feet should have hardened! I did manage to run for 1 hour and 35 minutes. It felt good and I think I ran about 16/17k need to measure exactly but I was exhausted by the time I came home!

Bye for now!

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